Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Cool World of LinkedInLabs: 4 Tools You Don’t Want to Miss

LinkedIn is the foremost social media tool for business-to-business community members.

With over 2 million companies representing all industries, sizes and geographies active in LinkedIn,  it’s the b-to-b social media platform that delivers a powerful punch.

LinkedIn Labs
This post puts the spotlight on LinkedIn Labs, a set of projects and experimental features built by the employees of LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn Labs currently makes 16 applications available for free, accessed with only a simple LinkedIn log in.

LinkedIn shares the feature sets as demonstrations and to solicit feedback. Note applications featured in  "the Lab" may be added and removed over time based on popularity and support. Here are some current favorites: 

LinkedIn Maps
Use this tool to visualize your professional network, clustered in real-time based on inter-relationships. You’ll see how your existing connections interrelate with each other, and you can Tweet or share the map on social media of course!

Overwhelmed with all those status updates from your connections? Signal is aimed at making it easy to glean the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news.

This one is a must!  Named a Hackday Winner, this is a slick visual representation of everyone in your network who changed jobs in a given year. Didn't we see this as an email at the end of each year?

I can’t believe I just found this one!  This application lets you turn your LinkedIn Profile into a beautiful resume in seconds. Avoid the hassles of building and updating multiple Word and PDF documents. Pick a resume template, customize content, and and share the result to your heart's content.

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