Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Great Twitter App Bites the Dust, But Another Emerges

Oh dear, it’s a sad day.  I just discovered (albeit a little late) that Formulists has gone bye bye.

“Formulists” was a powerful tool to create and engage with relevant, related and influential Twitter followers.

Formulists was a startup brainchild from some smart folks who developed an application to organize Twitter into smart, auto-updating Twitter lists; filter based on location/bio keywords, Twitter activity and more.

A New Discovery
Fortunately, the folks at Formulist suggested a new (new to me, anyway) tool called Tweepi, which helps make sense out of Twitter, and let one be more strategic in social media management.

Tweepi is one-stop shopping for strategic management of followers, with a basic feature set (available for free) that lets one:
  • Reciprocate by following strategic folks who now follow you, but you don’t follow.
  • Flush folks who don’t tweet much, are not on topic, or who don’t follow you back.
  • Follow lists.
  • Analyze relevant “role models” followers and follow them by just entering the @twitter name.

Keeping the Goal Front & Center
This is something you hear me say over and over. The value of b-to-b Twitter comes from engaging with relevant followers….the ones who use relevant keywords, topics and hashtags in their tweets and Twitter profile.
A b-to-b Twitter program needs to stay on topic, target key followers, cull those followers who are not in the target, and be strategic in use of keywords and hashtags. 

Fortunately, Tweepi is a recently discovered tool that helps effectively manage this process.   

RIP, Forumulists!