Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Marketing Checklist Goes Up North

Our beloved cabin, located in the upper Northeast corner of Michigan, is a source of great happiness for my family and me.

One of the more enjoyable aspects is watching my husband use his considerable “Mr. Fix It” talents as he renovates the entire structure, which was in pretty bad shape when we purchased it.

His handyman pursuit necessitates numerous visits to the local hardware store.

On one such trip to the town’s family-run hardware store, we discovered a compelling business card, pictured here. (contact info blacked out for privacy reasons)

The marketer in me couldn’t resist analyzing this business card, and running it through my own homegrown four-part checklist to see if it makes for an effective sales and marketing piece – so here we go!

1) Contact Information: Does the piece of marketing collateral contain the basics like contact info, phone, email or website?  Is contact information easy to locate on the piece? You’d be very surprised how many marketing pieces like brochures, tradeshow signage and other pieces fail this basic test – even those generated by larger companies with sophisticated, well-staffed marketing departments.

  • Yes, this piece does contain the appropriate contact information for this service provider – phone and address (blacked out in the graphic for privacy reasons)

2) Compelling: Does the piece of marketing collateral effectively describe the product or service, and pull out compelling factors about the product or service?  In other words, does it reflect a unique value proposition?

  • Yes.  It is crystal clear what this service provider does. (“I Make Things and Fix Stuff”) By stressing “70 year’s experience”  in machine work and woodwork, this card emphasizes a very unique value proposition for this service provider.  The affordable rate is another compelling factor about the service.

3) Answers Why? Does the piece answer the key question “Why should I change my current solution for a new solution?”? or “Why should I buy this solution from you?”?

  • I’d say this isn’t a clear yes or no.  The impressive experience and price of this service provider is clear and compelling.  The reason to hire him over say, doing it yourself (or having a handy husband take on the fix it projects) isn’t so clear here.

4) Format:   Is the format of the sales and marketing piece effective for the target audience?  That means, if the piece is a brochure, is that the most useful format for the prospect, is it easy for them to save and refer to later?  Or would the piece be better as an electronic PDF which can be downloaded from a website.

  • Yes. this piece is appropriate and relevant in a business card format. It is conveniently displayed on the hardware counter.  The store is a natural place to distribute this sales and marketing piece to those looking for “fix it” supplies for their cabins.

3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad!
The up north business card scores a solid 3 out of 4, not too bad!

Feel free to use this handy checklist for any sales and marketing collateral you produce, or run across at your local hardware store.  

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