Saturday, September 22, 2012

7 Random Rules to Live By

Here’s a confession… I love reading self-help articles and blogs (the more the merrier) and do so whenever a spare minute presents itself (like when avoiding all those work projects I should be tackling...)

Articles or posts with the topic of “Rules to Live By” are especially compelling.

Some of the material is timeless and profound, such as Dalai Lama's 18 Rules to Live By.

Other times, though, self-help "rules to live by" blog posts remind me of snacking on organic Tortilla chips:  they might give the trappings of being beneficial,  but ultimately one is ingesting sustenance of questionable nutrition.  

Offered more under the guise of "self-help as a snack," noted here are '7 Random Rules to Live By' - rules that have been swimming around in my head for months and months: 

  1. Any day that one has the chance to audibly utter the phrase “Harrumph” is a good day.
  2. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between Bluegrass-style banjo or Clawhammer-style banjo (it could happen...),  always go for the Clawhammer.
  3. “Yee-haw” is better than “Woot’ as an online exclamation.
  4. Remember that the power of good habits trumps force of sheer will.

  5. If you ever find yourself in a group sing-along (again, one never knows!), sing loud and with passion, no matter your abilities. Never just mouth the words.
  6. Don’t ever purchase a dog. Dogs adopted from shelters or humane societies are the best dogs on the planet.
  7. Always remember: neither red wine nor coffee contains Gluten.
Everybody must have a few 'Random Rules to Live By' - please share them below! 


  1. I've always relied on this one -- "First your pants, THEN your shoes!"

    Then the famous but still important -- "Never eat anything bigger than your head."

    And finally, one of my own -- "Engage in some sort of music making every day."

  2. Here's a rule to live by suggested from the Twitter community: Sarah Reavley says: "Mine is never decline a glass of Champagne. Worked well so far! #hic"