Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Best Strategy is the One You Don't Understand.

My 16 year old son shared this humorous video with me, because he knows what I do in my work life.

Years ago when our boys asked me what I did for my job, I told them "Mom slings baloney for a living" which isn't really true, but sometimes the content one develops for high tech clients (press releases, brochures, ads, web copy, direct mail) sounds a lot like the gibberish these folks spew out in this hilarious "College Humor" video.

It's worth a view!

We've covered this topic before over here at the BtoB Blog. Reminds me of the Bulls***t generator described in this post…

Watch for a particularly inspired section when these five-hour energy drink infused hipsters talk about fostering "alpha-based b-to=b consumers, radical transparencies, multi-staged engagement with absolutely NO brand-cuffs.”

(Wouldn't you want to get hired over at Elephant Dungeon Enterprises!!! It wouldn't be a long engagement, though. Each start-up mentioned in this video didn’t last for more than 10 minutes. Hee hee.)

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