Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As in Your Career, as in Your Marketing Programs: Consistency is Key

Often in business to business marketing one will hear a discussion about a “Big Idea’ for a marketing program, and you would know (as a regular reader of this blog) that of course I would offer up an opinion.
Big ideas are great!  They are fast, fun, engaging, and potentially deliver a big return on marketing investment. 
While it is great to have a “Big Idea” that cuts above the b-to-b marketing clutter, what is even more important is a consistent (maybe some would say traditional) and “back to basics” marketing program made up of:
  • compelling, “prospect oriented” marketing material
  • a clear business brand
  • a clear understanding of how your products/services solve your prospect’s pain
  • a consistent business message that tells a story about the company, its products/services, and how they add value, what they stand for

Keyword = Consistency
Consistent efforts and elements must cut across all marketing and communications programs, otherwise a “Big Idea” isn’t going to be that big, or that valuable.
In other words, it’s boring but true:  b-to-b marketing programs must deliver consistency.  That means being consistent in all programs (website, direct marketing, social media (yes! Consistency in execution is KEY in social media) collateral, signs, etc) by focusing on the compelling business needs for target markets.

More on Consistency:
Funny enough, this article in Inc magazine about careers also hits on consistency, but more in the vein of “personal productivity” and career planning, but the lessons ring true in marketing.  
Check out point 1, if one is consistent in one’s career efforts (or in marketing efforts), we can measure effectiveness.  As the article asks, how can we measure effectiveness if what we are measuring isn't performed consistently?

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